Cornelius Johnson, Called Princess Henrietta Anne, daughter of Charles I (1644–1670)

Photo courtesy of Matthew Hollow (All rights reserved)


Country House
Raynham Hall
Called Princess Henrietta Anne, daughter of Charles I (1644–1670)
The Music Room
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
Cornelius Johnson (1593-1661)
Catalogue Number
  • Inscribed in pen in cursive hand on stretcher: ‘Henrietta Maria younger/ Dau of King Charles ye first/ wife of Philip Duke of Anjou/ after Duke of Orleons/ died 1670’


One of two pictures (see RN40), depicting girls dressed identically with fair hair and blue eyes, indicating they are siblings. Although the portraits have suffered damage in the past (and are currently undergoing conservation), judging from their intrinsic high quality, they can be attributed with confidence to Cornelius Johnson (1593–1661), active in Britain until 1643 and who used the feigned oval as a device in his portraiture throughout his career. To judge from the costume worn by the two girls, these pictures look to have been painted during the 1630s, which makes the identification of the sitters as daughters of Charles I untenable, given that Princess Henrietta was born in 1644, the year after Cornelius Johnson left England for the United Provinces.

by Edward Town


Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, Portraits in Norfolk Houses, ed. Rev. Edmund Farrer, vol. 2, Norwich : Jarrold and Sons, 1928, vol. 2, p. 226, no. 13 (‘HENRIETTA MARIA, DUCHESS OF ORLEANS’)

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