attributed to Charles Lutyens, George Knollis Jarvis

Photo courtesy of Dave Penman (All rights reserved)


Country House
Doddington Hall
George Knollis Jarvis
Stairs Leading To Second Floor And Landing
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
Overall height: 125 cm, Overall width: 100 cm
attributed to Charles Lutyens (1829-1915)
Catalogue Number


George Knollis Jarvis (1802–1873) was the son of Colonel George Ralph Payne Jarvis (d. 1851) and Philadelphia Blackwell. He married Emily Pretyman, and was the father of George Eden Jarvis (1840–1918). George Knollis Jarvis, who owned Doddington between 1851 and 1873, made substantial renovations to the house, including the re-leading of the cupolas. He also renewed the fenestration in the church and improved the grounds.

The portrait is attributed here to Charles Henry Augustus Lutyens (1829–1915). Other comparable portraits by Lutyens include David Milne Home and Jean Milne Home (Paxton House). Lutyens, who was also a professional soldier, was the father of the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens; he named his son after his friend and fellow artist Sir Edwin Landseer.

by Martin Postle

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