English School, Mrs Wauchope of Niddrie

Photo courtesy of Dave Penman (All rights reserved)


Country House
Doddington Hall
Mrs Wauchope of Niddrie
? c.1770–80
Stairs Leading To Second Floor And Landing
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
Overall height: 74 cm, Overall width: 62 cm
English School
Catalogue Number


The precise identity of Mrs Wauchope is unknown. Based on the sitter’s presumed age, possibly in her seventies, and the approximate date of the painting, made perhaps sometime in the 1770s, she may be identified possibly as Helen Home (?1712–1780), daughter of the Hon. Sir Andrew Home, and who in 1734 married Andrew Wauchope (?1710–1784). This portrait, as with others of the Wauchope family, came to Doddington through the marriage of Helen Constance Hunter Blair, daughter of Elizabeth Wauchope, to Charles Francis Cracroft Jarvis. The Wauchopes were a Scottish family whose home was Niddrie Marischal House, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The artist is unknown but, given the possible identity of the sitter, may have been based in or around Edinburgh.

by Martin Postle

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