Edward Burne-Jones, The Horner Crest

Photo courtesy of Dave Penman (All Rights Reserved)


Country House
Mells Manor
The Horner Crest
? 1883
Medium and support
Oil on panel, octagonal
Overall diameter: 71 cm
Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898)
Catalogue Number


The present panel appears to be a mirror emulation of an earlier Italian panel at Mells (see MM20). Although the purpose of the original Florentine panel is unknown, this panel may have been a desco da parte (a birth tray) created to celebrate the marriage of Frances Graham (1854–1940) to Sir John Francis Fortescue Horner (1842–1927) in 1883, and the subsequent birth of their daughter, Cicely Margaret Horner (1883–1972). The crest in the centre of the panel represents the three hounds of the Horner family coat of arms, with three inverted scallop shells from the Graham clan of Scotland.

by Devon Cox

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