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January 15th, 1836
[St] George St[re]et Hanover Sq[ua]re

My Dear Mr Turner,
I hope the accompanying book may be a sufficient apology for my long delay in writing to you. It is a List of the Pictures at Petworth House which I made when I was there in the ‘Autumn I copied several of the Biographical Notices from Dallaways History of Sussex and the rest from Collins’ Peerage – I believe my Catalogue is the only list of the Pictures as they now hang. My Father made one some Years ago which he showed to Lord Egremont who has kept it ever since. As I have had a great deal to do since I came to town my Mother was kind enough to copy my writing, whenever she was not very much

Letter to Mr Turner 1836
Photo courtesy of Tom St Aubyn (All rights reserved)
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occupied, so all the thanks for the labour are due to her. I send with it a plan of the House with references, the paper on which it was done was too thick to admit of being bound together with the Catalogue[.] This Plan I have made from memory since I came to town so I am afraid that there will be some inaccuracies, to be excused by your correct eye. But I believe that you will find the general proportions tolerably correct. The length of frontage is rather more than 100 yards I also take the liberty of sending a few sheets of my writing on the Armour of Edwards 3rd reign, I have got together notes for a good deal more but I do not know how to arrange them, my chief difficulty being to compress, I shall be most happy, if you would be good enough to favour me with your remarks on the little I have as yet been able to send, the reign of Edward 3[d] is very interesting as interesting as regards

Letter to Mr Turner 1836
Photo courtesy of Tom St Aubyn (All rights reserved)
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armour as indeed in most other respects & I could write a good deal more by illustrating & quoting from different contemporaneous MSS if you think it could be done with advantage

Pray give my kindest remembrances to M[rs] Turner and all your family and believe me

Yours respectfully

H.W. Phillips

I should be very much obliged if when you return the papers you could tell me how old M[r] Bell is he was so ill a short since that John went down to the country.


Letter to Mr Turner 1836
Photo courtesy of Tom St Aubyn (All rights reserved)


Country House
Petworth House
Letter to Mr Turner 1836

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