Country House
West Wycombe
West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire: Images of Sculpture & Architecture
Film by Jonathan Law with Adriano Aymonino and Clare Hornsby.

Catalogue items from West Wycombe

  • Castle Howard West Wycombe

    West Wycombe Park: north front: design with three classical statues on the pediment

    John Donowell, after Isaac Ware, c.1740–52

  • Castle Howard West Wycombe

    West Wycombe Park: south front: design with unbroken Tuscan Doric colonnade – finished version

    possibly Maurice-Louis Jolivet, for Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni, c.1747–52

  • Castle Howard West Wycombe

    Section and elevation of the rear of the Temple of Diana at Nîmes based on Palladio

    possibly Maurice-Louis Jolivet, c.1750–3